Hello from Germany

Hi everyone as you you can tell I am safely in Germany. I started a intensive Germany course today that lasts a little over three weeks. So for the next couple of weeks its going to be updates from Erfurt(where the class is). There are 54 of us here from  a total of 32 countries. There are only thee Americans and ironically two of us are from the great state of Washington! Almost everyone here is a university student, so for the first time I am the old one! We took a language placement test a few hours ago and I anxiously await the results and apologize to my German teachers in advance! We start instruction this afternoon in our small groups and then we have some sort of event in a park to get to know each other. Also i now go by Alice because no one can pronounce Allison. It just seems easier this way.

A brief note of the last fews days. I flew out of Seatac on the first after a rousing goodbye from my friends and family and flew to London and then frankfurt. By the time I reached my hotel in Frankfurt I was exhausted and stressed and completely unable to unlock my room! Luckily I was recused by a hotel worker and after ten hours of sleep felt functional again. Then I took the train to Erfurt and arrived after some general confusion at the apartment building.

The apartment is somewhat like a dorm, but lots and lots of people live in it and i really don,t understand who is allowed to stay there, but whateverThe  room leaves a bit to be desired like a deep cleaning. however, after a few decorations and homey touches it is much more livable. I have a large room to myself and use the other bed as a couch which is pretty cool.

I explored the city yesterday. It is a delightful place and I feel very much at home here. The public transportation is fabulous and the the scenery is very beautiful. I am not working from my own computer so today i don,t have a way to post pictures, but I will try to tomorrow. The city has a river, or perhaps its actually multiple rivers running through it and the buildings are simply made into bridges over the river. The houses and buildings are very interesting. As i came in through the countryside they reminded me of the Bavarian style white houses, but in the city there is a mix of the traditional white and very colorful houses, although pastels seem to be favored in this region. It makes for a beautiful street. Yesterday i got an ice cream cone(which was excellent) and then simply wandered the streets for hours. I came across the cloister(where monks live) that Martin Luther lived in when he became a priest. That was pretty cool and I also found several other beautiful churches and buildings including the city hall which is incredible.

I think that is about all I have for now, but I will try and post pictures soon.

Nice Greetings,