And I thought UP was a model of efficiency…

Of course any of you who went to UP know this could not be farther from the truth, but today I am tempted to say that the University of Saarland may take the cake in frustrating students.  I have spent the last two afternoons trying to enroll in the University, a process I was assured would be quick and painless. How naive I was…

I wrote the university to ask what I needed to do, they sent me a form and told me I just needed to fill it out and bring it to their office, so far so good.  After some miscommunication regarding the bus to the University and a spontaneous train trip I arrived at the University campus. Still on track. However I then consult my instruction they say that I need to go to building A4, 4. Ok it takes a few minutes but I find the A4 buildings, now I just need A4, 4. Seems easy enough, there is a A4, 3 and there is A4,5. So A4,4 is between them right? Wrong. There is nothing between them, I circle both buildings, still no A4, 4. Ok I find a map, to my dismay I discover that A4,4 does not exist on the map, and apparently not in reality either.

The search continues, Ah ha a directory. I consult said directory and discover that it is fine that the building does not exist because indeed the office I need is really in A2,2. Ok now to find A2,2…A2,2 does exist, but is under construction and the detour to get to the entrance is ridiculously long, but I make it. In A2,2 I am sent upstairs, but some well meaning German, Upstairs I encounter more well meaning Germany who gladly explain to me that the office I need is now in A4,4!

Two hours after arrival I arrive at A4, 4(which is new and unlabeled and also not on the maps).  After waiting another half hour or so at the office I finally get into to see the man I need. He was extremely helpful and almost made up for everything, until he told me that to finish I needed to have brought a passport photo! So many hours later I returned, without having enrolled and most importantly without the card that allows me to travel for free in the region.

So attempt number two:

I get a passport photo taken. I take the train I take the bus, I arrive at the university I even find the correct office and arrive before the strange closing time of 3:30pm. I wait patiently for the girl ahead of me to finish with her super quick question(which took half an hour) I make small talk with people from Poland and finally I go into the office, with everything including my passport photo.  It’s looking good until she goes to enter my information into the computer and it freezes completely. .. Her response, come back tomorrow. Now this seems logical until you learn that the card she is supposed to make on the computer is my bus pass, train ticket and so forth. Without it I have to pay  11Euros(14 dollars) each time I travel to the University. I have already spent 22 Euros to get the card that in theory is free! So no I am not going to come back tomorrow because the computer is frozen. After much discussion it is decided that she will mail the card to me as soon as it is ready.  Finally progress. Of course, I still don’t have my car and, I am still not officially enrolled in the University…


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  1. Cindy
    Oct 17, 2010 @ 19:05:22

    Hi Allison,

    Well I am going to look into this Teacher Field Trip Day! I can’t imagine what we’ve been missing.
    You’re first class of class sound very interesting and thanks for explaining the levels of schooling.
    Bet you mom and dad are with you now. Have a great time showing them around.
    If you need some penpals, it bet my second graders could write to them. Maybe this would help this to read english. With second grade the letter wouldn’t be too long. Or I could probably get some 5th graders in our school if that would be better.
    Take care, Cindy


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