Hi everyone I’m finally back with lots and lots of updates! I feel like I can hardly begin to fill you in on the last couple of weeks in one post, so I’m not going to. Tonight I will tell you about Adventures in Sweden and hopefully Wednesdayish I will tell you about adventures with parents, and pictures of both will follow by the weekend. That is if all goes as planned.

So Sweden is…wonderful! No seriously Fiona, I am down for moving there when you go to school, of course I’ll be leaving before winter hits…  Liz(A friend from college), Sally(A Fulbrighter and now friend) and I headed into the great Northern wonder that is Sweden immediately once fall break began.(Or almost immediately first we drank large quantities of beer in celebration of the beginning of fall break and then we left immediately after said celebration). We flew Ryanair practically in the middle of the night, as is the custom among poor people traveling in Europe, and arrived exhausted and hungry. Luckily we had found a wonderful Thai restraint which revived us and reminded us of the existence of spices, something sorely lacking in Germany. After that we purchased a large quantity of ice cream and spent the remaining evening in our delightfully cozy apartment watching American crime shows and eating ice cream. Clearly day one in Sweden was a huge success.

Day two mainly involved walking the entire city, which in case you didn’t know(we didn’t) is entirely composed of islands, fourteen to be exact. So needless to say there are lots of very pretty views over the water. The city is oldish, but still has a modern feel and is very relaxed and down to earth.(at least as far as cities are able to relax) The highlights of day two included gawking at the oversized scarves and glasses on Swedish women, and well the men in general. We spent the evening at a bar people watching and enjoying overpriced beer.

Day three’s highlight and primary focus, was The Blue Man Group! The theater was only a couple if blocks from the apartment we rented and we were able to get tickets to the Sunday Matinee. It was fabulous and slightly indescribable, so I won’t try. But if you get the chance you should go and then let me know and we’ll talk about how cool it was.

Day four involved seeing a 600 year old boat that sunk in the Swedish harbor, under very embarrassing circumstances. Since I know that most people are only mildly interested in Sweden’s Maritime history I will refrain from giving you a a lecture on how freakishly cool this boat was and all the history behind it and its restoration. Suffice to say, freakishly cool.

Day five was spent sailing out to an Island and wandering around for the day. There the three of us procured awesome Wooden Swedish horses, just what everyone needs and we ate many wonderful pastries.

Finally day six was spent walking the town and taking a tour of the Palace. The Palace was very cool, but most impressing was the difference in the security level between the Swedish Palace and well, any other Palace in the world. Since our flight once again left at an unholy hour we spent the entire night watching crime dramas trying to stay awake until we got on the plane. We waved goodbye to our apartment around 2am and I flew off to meet the folks. (next post)

Finally some general observations and stereotypes of Sweden that I formed while in Stockholm:

It’s cold.

The people are beautiful.

Swedes like everything with Shrimp paste. Yes shrimp paste.

Swedish Pastries could conquer the world.

There are more types of bread in Sweden than in Germany(this is actually true).

It’s cold.

Swedish women could be eaten by their scarves if they became animated.

Swedish glasses are only for show.

Maxi (fast food joint) is a good example of why McDonald’s has been successful around the world.

There are a surprising number of immigrants in Sweden(seriously who wakes up and says hey I think I want to move from by really warm home in Asia to a place that the sun has abandoned, Sweden should do the trick.)

Swedes could pass as Americans their English is so good.

And finally…it’s cold.



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