Parental Pasttimes

HI all, it looks like I may be able to actually keep my promise and deliver the second blog post on time! Like I said I would talk about my parent’s visit last week in this post. Keep in mind that my parents will probably also read this post… JK! Love my folks and we had a great time.

I meet them in Frankfurt, directly off the plane from Sweden and we three sleep deprived souls wandered back to St. Ingbert, where Albert was nice enough to pick us up with a last minute warning. After meeting the girls and Nanette we went to the playground with Coralie and Alexa and tried to keep the parents from falling asleep. We had a great dinner that night and collapsed into bed. The following day was Halloween! At least for us, we decided to celebrate a little early so my parents could take part in the festivities. Halloween pictures will be featured on this blog, much to everyone’s embarrassment.  We had a great time with the crazy candy Mom and Dad brought over and Karin’s amazing cupcakes.  Despite some language barriers everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and there was lots and lots of laughter.

We also spent a spent some time wandering around St. Ingbert and the towns nearby. We spent one day in the Saars(bruecken and Louis). And another day in village with a medieval market, followed by touring a sandstone mine in the next town over. My count of caves is getting pretty high at this point and I am starting to sympathize with moles. In reality it was a very interesting and particularly beautiful cave as the layers of sand and water left remarkable rings over time. Hilde and Albert took us to Heidelberg and Speyer, some of the most beautiful towns in all of Germany. Despite the extreme cold,so cold Dad felt compelled to buy a coat, we really enjoyed the day which ended with a remarkable dinner at Hilde’s house.  Christoph, Nanette, the girls and the three of us also went to Trier and Luxemburg, (check it off the list). We were able to see some of the famous sights and enjoyed being able just to enjoy walking around  the towns, as well as some excellent food. Once again, we finished the day with Hilde’s fabulous cooking. My Mom has even started writing a list of all the things Hilde has to teach me to make before Christmas!

We were supposed to move on to Paris at the end of the week, but with the strikes only increasing in intensity, we thought it best to change plans. So instead we headed off to Cologne! We rented a cute little apartment and spent the first two days absorbing the city. We took a tour and a one hour boat trip, as well as did some shopping and lots of good eating. On the third day we went to the Zoo, and enjoyed ourselves immensely watching some Pelicans eating leaves off the ground(pictures are coming). Later in the afternoon Christoph, Nanette and the girls drove up to meet us and we toured the Chocolate museum and had a great dinner with some of their friends.  We finished our trip off with a visit to a museum that featured artifacts from back when Cologne belonged to the Roman’s. Very cool for us history nerds.  Finally we said our good-byes and parted ways at the train station.

Overall I think it was a splendid success, as they say on BBC. Trips like this make me realize how lucky I am to have parents that I genuinely enjoy being around and hanging out with.


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